Thursday, July 23, 2015

The very first time?

The cool thing about teaching high school is the amazing students that graduate and assume a new title of friend.  Today was one of those days, where I was thrilled to be surrounded by old and new friends.  The day officially began with breakfast with a recent graduate, working to identify the next step in her life.  

Honestly, I've known this kid for a few years now, but had never talked, at length, one on one with her.  She is poised, focused, and determined.  She's grown years in maturity, in the two months since graduation.  She has a kind and gentle heart, and has an open mind that is searching for the next adventure.  What a wonderful start to the day!

Some quick texting to another former student, and a play date was scheduled to introduce Alexis to the wonders of her very first quilt show.  Alexis started playing with fiber arts as part of her TDO during her senior year, and spent last summer at the ADAA conference as a result of that experience. My friend, Amy, was coming in from Texas, and Alexis had interned for her at the conference last year.

Viewing the quilt show through the very-first-quilt-show eyes of Alexis, reminded me of a conversation I had with my mother after her first exhibit experience.  It is so cool to see things from a different perspective.  While I am looking for perfect stitches, or colors that appeal to me, Alexis, the AP Art student, was commenting on texture, and color, and design.  It was invigorating to see the show through the eyes of someone looking at something for the very first time, because it took me right back to that same feeling.

As I write this evening, Alexis is at home playing with fabric, and contemplating the possibility of entering her own piece in a quilt challenge a year from now.  Amy is dabbling in my dining room, as she works to complete an index card design for today.  (See the photo above for the cool stuff she does!)

As we were talking about her card a day project, destined for 61 days, I reminded her of a blog that I was going to write for 30 days.  That was 326 days ago.  Not that anyone is counting.

So this weekend, grab someone and take them someplace that you frequent, and view that place, or that experience, through the eyes of someone else.  It will be like you're experiencing that very passion for the very first time, all over again.  And you'll make a new friend in the process.

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