Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Searching for Unicorns.

When somebody extends an invitation to lunch that begins with a meeting in a fabric store, how can anyone consider saying no?

Certainly, the shopping was anything but streamlined.  In fact, these particular individuals all seem to shop the way they -- and I -- think, using the HOPSCOTCH method.  It's rare to see the employees at this store stare, but there were more than a few eyebrows raised due to the obvious jocularity emitted from our group.

Once again, today was about connections -- this time with a student, a parent, and a colleague, who all share a love of life, and fascinating funnybones.  Quirky is not the right word, nor is there truly a word to describe these ladies.  One did comment on facebook:

"This is unlike any experience I have ever had to date." 

Honestly, I wanted to respond:  "My work here is finished."

Unlike anything...

How amazing would it be if students came out of my classroom feeling this way every single day?  Slightly giddy -- okay, maybe more than slightly -- and with their minds whirling at a speed previously unknown, trying to make connections that are meaningful in their brains.  And then the next day, experiencing the same thing, after a different activity?

Would this scare the OCDers out of their minds?  Would it thrill the ADD and ADHD population?  What about the nit-pickers?  

Unicorns.  We can't find them because we don't know how to think like them.  Maybe randomness is the key to success. 

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