Thursday, July 2, 2015

Read the bottom line....

Is it weird that my anticipated highlight of today is going to the eye doctor with my 21 year old daughter?

Okay, yes, I just read that sentence to myself, and even I see the absurdity in the statement.  In my defense, however, you've never accompanied me to the optometrist, let alone gone with both of us!   The reality is, Kristin and I find humor in many situations -- and no where are we more giggle-prone than when she is sitting in the chair in a semi-darkened room.  

I can't go into specifics, because the routine differs each time.  I do know that my distance vision is far superior to hers, so I've sat, dumbfounded, at her inability to read what is painfully obvious on the chart projected on the wall.  Once the giggles set it, well, it's tough to focus (no, not that way!) and choose between "A" or "B" or "C" or "D", as the doctor flips through the various options for magnification.


Now imagine if we as teachers, had the luxury of tailoring each individual assessment to the strengths and preferences of our students.  "How would you like to prove your comprehensive understanding, Johnny?  A?  B? C? D?"

Sure, that sounds like a multiple choice test.  What if they only multiple choices were actually associated with student choice?

I have a vision.  Others are sharing it.  It's starting to become more clear.  

I'm still searching for the perfect prescription.  (And trying to reduce my giggling tendencies...).

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