Friday, July 10, 2015

Entreprenurial Lunch Partners....

This morning I awoke to this Facebook post from one of my students.  

Have you ever had a dream? All dreams start somewhere. This past year I was in Mrs. Heydt's Themes in Lit class and we all had our own tasks. We had TDOs which was like our own study hall to work on whatever we wanted to accomplish through the semester, and then go back and reflect on it. I chose working with the FBLA club (Future Business Leaders of America) and throughout the semester I found ways to help raise awareness, sales, and make the club more appealing for the coming school year. It turned out amazing. During presentations, my friend Ellen, inspired me. Her project was titled Hope Lettering. It presented her skills in lettering and the eager minds of individuals who need financial aid to go on trips. She is amazing at lettering and I wanted to make this a reality for her. I myself go on trips with church and school that require a lot of funding. I see the marketing potential for this dream, and it is there, ready for someone to grab it. So we did smile emoticon
We came up with a collection that will hopefully be done by the end of August. It is called, "Stronger". Our plan is to start small. Below is 3 examples that are going to be in the 5 piece collection. They are just rough sketches to get an idea of what Ellen does. We wanted to make something similar to a 4x6 photo or postcard for people to keep somewhere they go regularly so that they can be encouraged constantly. Ellen's vision is to make more personal orders. If you have any questions feel free to message me. I probably missed something because I am so excited to see this dream become a reality. P.S Feel free to share so the word can be spread!! 

I've talked on this blog about Hope Lettering before, and it was exciting to me that these young ladies have continued into the summer, working to birth this entrepreneurial adventure.  I had the pleasure of having lunch with both of them today -- to celebrate milestones on AP exams and to celebrate the enthusiasm and excitement in their endeavor.  One of my colleagues responded to the Facebook post with this commenting that he would entirely expect to see them on ABC's SHARK TANK in the near future.  

They shared ideas, plans, and dreams. They wrote on the back of placemats, to preserve the decisions and plans that surfaced during lunch.  Honestly, it was the most productive "working lunch" I've ever attended -- and could easily be deducted as a business expense with the IRS.  

Maybe I should invest in this company!  At the very least, I'll share the link to their website as soon as they are ready.

Oh, and if your summer seems laid back and boring, go find a couple of dreamers in junior high or high school, and take them to lunch.  You'll be amazed at how exciting your world can become through an infusion of vicarious enthusiasm.  Yes, they are small boats, and are on their way to causing 



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