Saturday, July 25, 2015

Five Months, and counting - backward.

Christmas in July.  An unusual concept, if you think about it, yet it's been around for years.   Back in the day when my kids were small, I taught in a local quilting shop, and July was the month that the Christmas fabrics were arriving in shops, allowing for plenty of time to create those holiday gifts.  So in the hottest part of the summer, the Christmas carols would play, cookies would be served, and the patterns and samples would surround the shop.

Now, it seems, Christmas in July is everywhere.  Hallmark offers seasonal (or anti-seasonal?) movies for the month, the new ornaments are released, and the fine folks at Mad Elf re-released their special Christmas brew.   Face it, would you really roast chestnuts over an open fire in December?   It's the perfect accompanying activity for the anti-smores crowd.

Yes, today is five months until Christmas.  (As if you needed to be reminded.)   


For teachers, thinking about Christmas in July is no different than dreaming about summer vacation in January.  It has nothing to do with the fact that Christmas is the next time that there is a break of time worthy of not writing lesson plans -- and everything to do with the official beginning of the next school year.  It's the ongoing mentality of teachers to be projecting their focus into the next significant event.  July 1st is the official Happy New Year date, when the new school year "officially" begins and the purchase orders can be officially processed.  

If you've ever been overwhelmed by the boxes at holiday time, avoid the school office at all costs during the month of July!  (And God bless them, every one -- the secretaries who inventory every single pencil and gizmo against the purchase orders, before releasing the precious new cargo to teachers, anxiously awaiting supplies.)

So yes, it's July, and I'm celebrating Christmas.  I've bought a few gifts to tuck away for my family, I've watched a few movies celebrating the magic that happens in December, and most excitedly, I've started to formulate designs for bulletin boards and room arrangement areas to make the holidays school year magical.

I believe in the magic of Christmas.  Even in July.

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