Sunday, July 5, 2015


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It's Sunday, and once again I'm feeling that urge to wander over to school to dig in the cabinets.  During the summer, the district is closed Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays -- and they've proven that they can save more than $12,000 by imposing these limitations, so as a taxpayer, I'm willing to wait until tomorrow to rescue that book that has suddenly invaded my mind demanding attention.

It's weird that the urge to go to school happens on a Sunday -- because that NEVER happens during the school year.   Sundays,  from September - June, are all about getting in the frame of mind necessary to survive the next five days in the classroom.  So the mentality is just a bit shifted.


How is it possible to stay in a frame of mind where continuous learning is always possible?  Certainly, Carol Dweck gives strategies for maintaining and encouraging a growth mindset.  James Anderson offers similar strategies through his Habits of Mind.  Martin Seligman and Shawn Achor see the seeds of success in Positive Psychology.  Each and every one of these researchers sees the value in positivity.  Examining the failures, and moving forward toward success.

None of the experts have a step that is identified as "wallow in self pity."  Historically speaking, I've been hard pressed to find anyone who has succeeded in coming out of a place of despair while mired in the gook of negativity.  We've all seen posters about how many times Abraham Lincoln ran for office and was defeated, or have heard about the numerous rejection letters received by JK Rowling and Stephen King.  Fewer may know of Soichiro Honda who invented pistons and rings used in engines, who was rejected by Toyota when he took his concept to them.  (He went on to start, you guessed it, Honda Motor Company, a business with revenues over 100 billion annually.)

What are their secrets?  Positivity?  Growth Mindset?  Strong Habits of Mind?  Um, yes!

And the ability to reflect upon their mindsets to continue to improve.

So Monday, I'll stop  by the school, and grab that book.  The only thing standing between me and finishing this unit is the missing book.

And maybe a guy with a floor waxer, who won't want me to walk on the floor this week.

After all, it is summer!


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