Monday, July 13, 2015

Gifts from the gifted.

 My resident woodworker, Alex, has gifted me with a few handmade items -- a custom made table for my grandson's Thomas trains, a 3D star Christmas ornament, a really cool Disney logo, and the immortalizing of Joey's famous quote, assuring me that I was not, actually, older than dirt, despite how I was feeling on that particular day.

As a Teacher of the Gifted (TOG), there are ample opportunities to develop a rapport with students that transcends years.  Inside jokes follow, from one class to the next, sometimes creating legendary status.  (This is especially true of anything involving unicorns, but I digress.)

When kids take the time to surprise me with a gift that is generated from a sincere gift of personal time, well, I cry.  Even if it is as a result of a bad quote about my ultimate demise.

These gifts are treasures -- serving both as reminders of amazing kids and their generosity of time as well as the connectedness of teacher and student in what seems, on the surface, like an ordinary classroom.  My classroom is anything but ordinary -- because of the extraordinary kind hearted students with whom I work.

The wooden sign is more than 7 years old.  Last year, I received the typography piece from Amelia, to add to my collection of the letter H.  Talk about a framed piece of happiness!

In fact, as I've reflected upon the collection of fun, happiness, and treasures I've received, it occurs to me that sending messages of support goes a long way.  A new challenge for me this year -- send more happiness and fun to friends and colleagues!  Maybe 2015-16 is the school year of Pay it Forward!

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