Tuesday, June 23, 2015

School's OUT? for Summer

I spent "an hour" from 3 - 5:30 pm today with an educational guru working on designing a tool to help teachers planning and implementing curriculum.  How do I tell time, you ask?  Well, when educators are talking about education, time sort of stands still.

Kids in classrooms certainly understand the concept of frozen clock hands.  That's not what I'm talking about here.  This is the sort of conversation that you have with someone that seems to flow so easily that it is astonishing how quickly the hands on the clock spin.

This was my third educational meeting of the day - a day that is, technically, Day #14 of summer vacation.  Yes, we've been out of school two full weeks, and many of us are connecting or reconnecting, with our colleagues, administrators, and classrooms.  As I've mentioned before, this blog serves as a connection for me between the reality in my classroom and the fantasy that lives in my mind, constantly writing and re-writing lessons.  

Late last week, there was a list of things flying around Facebook that all teachers should do during the summer; included in the list was connecting with colleagues over lunch or coffee.  It's an intentional goal of mine to do this more regularly, and I've been blessed during the last two weeks to be invited by two colleagues with whom I don't regularly plan to just chat about education.  It's been a great experience....

And something for which my husband is eternally grateful, as non-educators like nothing less than listening to teachers conspire!

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