Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I spent part of today with my four year old grandson, who creates words of wonder.  By that I mean he uses words, and his Aunt Kristin and I wonder what he's really talking about.  This is not unusual for preschoolers -- especially for preschoolers who are trying to match adults in conversation word for word.  Let me tell you, he holds his own!

On the list today, in addition to securing more "Magic Tree House" books for mommy to read at bedtime, were some modifications to the red cape, and a zipper fix on the backpack.  Santa had delivered the red, yellow, and black capes at Christmastime, and they were quite well-received until Max visited with a red cape with a lightning bolt on it.

So Saturday, we added a lightning bolt to Carter's red cape. Today, the request for a circle, green in color, around the lightning bolt.

We know what we want, and exactly what we need to make things that much more exciting.  This does not just apply to four year olds.  I know this, because I am nearly 50 years older than Carter, and I, too, identify tweaks that can be made to make things "a little more perfect."  And those tweaks create a whole new energy and level of engagement for me, while working with something that has been around for a while.

So my word for this?  Renthusiasm.

Renthusiasm is that deep joy individuals feel when they rediscover, or tweak, something that has become humdrum.  I've been working on revising curriculum for the fall, and am absolutely oozing with renthusiasm for Edward Debono and his Six Thinking Hats.  I'm gushing over the work of the Disney Imagineers, as I consider how their work fits in to the concept of student reflection.  And I'm actually waking up at night trying to decide whether the new chairs I'm planning for my classroom should be Donegal Proud green, or whether a more relaxed mismatched set allows for greater boosts of imagination and student engagement.

In keeping with my REST plan, I'm also renthused after finding some UFOs (Unfinished Objects) in my sewing room that are now destined for someone new.

My summer is rich and full.  Full of REST and Renthusiasm.  I hope yours is as well!