Thursday, June 11, 2015


REST.  An acronym being touted as the safest way for 21st century learners to spend the summer online.  

Remain Cautious
Express Positivity
Stay Active
Tell Someone.

The folks at Edutopia are hoping that parents will speak with their kids about the importance of REST.  Too many of us fail to REST in the summer, because life is so darned carefree compared to the schedules we keep during the school year.

Certainly the online REST is as important for teachers as it is for students in the summer.  With no alarm clock and relatively unscheduled days, it would be easy to Remain asleep, Eat whatever I want, Sit on my bum and vegetate in front of the TV.  The weird thing is, I actually seem to feel more happy when there is some structure and sense of accomplishment to my life.  

During the school year, I have a planbook and calendar full of proof of my worth.  Not so much in the summer.  So this year I'm REST ing.

Reminding myself to exercise (with a pact made with my accountability neighbor, Sharon)
Expressing myself creatively (aka spending at least 30 minutes a day in the sewing room)
Shaping my upcoming school year starting in June instead of August, outlining the semesters including themes and bulletin boards.
Thanking those in my life for the roles that they play in supporting me throughout the school year.  

Yes, I'm resting.  I'm not comatose.  And this rest, if I stick to it, will make next year much more sweet.

So what are your REST plans this summer?

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