Monday, June 15, 2015

Positively Positive.

When my sister and I were kids, we went to visit the sister of our neighbor, while vacationing out west.  Her name was Penny Peirce, and she painted pottery.  Forty years later, the alliteration procured, provided, and practiced through the inspiration of Penny Pierce and her painted pottery comes up in conversation much more often than if she had been named Jane Doe -- or anything else lacking common consonants that rolled off the tongue. 

I was reminded of Penny again today, when my friend, Sandy, posted the quote to the left.  Of course, I had to investigate this Dodinsky guy.  (Or was it Dod in Sky?  Typo for Dad?  Is dad in heaven?  Oh, the questions....)  Fortunately for me, Google is cooperative and easily provided background for a wonderful collection of quotes and inspirations to allow anyone to be "Positively Positive."

Dodinsky is a blogger, who started writing to help others heal the wounds of life.  It evolved into something much larger, and he now has housewives in Pennsylvania quoting him, along with the likes of Ghandi and Gretchen Rubin. 

While I don't aspire to become a published author, I can certainly appreciate the value of being positively positive, as well as the need for memes that support that effort.  When I started this blog, on a dare from a colleague and friend, I never really considered the effect the constant reflection and writing would have on me.  Over the weekend, I was discussing this with a friend, and indicated that blogging, unlike journaling, forces positivity.  Certainly the last 260 ish days have not all been rainbows and unicorns.  If I had been journaling in a blank book next to my bed each evening, several things would or could have happened:

1.  The book would be blank, or close to blank.  Or contain very few words.
2.  The book would be full of doodles and single words or phrases -- I may have started writing in complete sentences, but lists would have soon taken over.
3.  There would be bad memories that would bring me down.

Yes, words can bring me down, no matter what Christina Aguilera may croon.  Journaling negativity would certainly beget further negativity. If I'd blogged negatively, I'd be further bothered by constant reminders from others supporting me in my time of dismay...  A constant cycle of "poor me" instead of Positively Positive.

Does life suck sometimes?  Sure.  Would recording the miserable parts let me put them behind me and move forward?  I am not of a mind to think so. 

Besides, there's nothing alliterative about terminal, or interminable, negativity.

I'm positively positive about that.

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