Thursday, August 6, 2015

On top of the world.

Guess who's feeling like he's on top of the world?
There I was, hanging out in a dressing room in the dress department of the Bon Ton, having been invited for the purpose of "thumbs up, thumbs down" voting of potential dresses for my friend, Liz, who is invited to a semi-formal wedding.  Given that Liz is roughly six dress sizes smaller than I,  my imagination already had this experience chalked up to something that would make me feel bad about myself, but I would do it to be a good friend to someone who I love dearly, and who would make me laugh throughout the process.  

Liz did not disappoint.  

Somewhere between the trying on of dress number one, and dress number two, my phone rang.  Despite the fact that I've undergone a recent phone upgrade that resulted in the elimination of more than half of my former address book, the identity of the caller was displayed across the screen.  (This was not the case the first time Austin had called me, four years ago. )  I immediately answered, and was able to rejoice with him on his big news;  starting next Tuesday, he is officially a teacher.

Back in the spring, Austin and I had lunch and talked about education.  So much had happened to the kid who always seemed to me to be less than connected in class in high school.  His portfolio was filled with lessons and units that I wanted to take a week's vacation to sit in on his lessons and participate in his classes.  He was professional, enthusiastic, and hungering for a classroom of his own.

I left that dressing room feeling really good, despite my dress size.  In the whole scheme of things, what really mattered to me today was that Austin is going to be living his dream in a classroom labelled "Mr. Theis" in less than a week, and he cared enough to call me personally and share his exciting news.

Yes, every year there are new classes, new students, and new teachers.  And every single one of them (and us) has the opportunity to start with a blank notebook, in which to write the year.  What are the hopes, dreams and aspirations?  What challenges have we imposed upon ourselves?

Well, for one thing, I'm hoping that Austin (and other teachers...) will join in the Twitterchat hosted by Te@chthought.  I've been invited to co-host -- on the very day that Austin becomes a teacher.

#reflectiveteacher Tuesday chats! @TeachThought  7 pm, EDT.  

It's my new personal challenge, for my new school year.  After all, why should Austin be the only person trying something new?

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