Friday, August 14, 2015

Dream a little dream of me...

T - 10 days, and the school dreams have started.  I don't know why this surprises me when it happens every year, except that the dreams seem more real, and more absurd, with each passing season.  Last night, it was the green chairs again.  I'd purchased every green chair in the tri-county area, and was still short.

Somehow, four navy blue chairs, and ONE red chair were in the circle in the morning of the first day of school.  I obsessively placed the four blue chairs at 12, 3, 6, and 9 on the "circle" in the middle of the room, and stood there, dumbfounded about where to put the red one.

I woke up before I figured out how to resolve the dilemma.

My friend, Sharon, is frequently known for dissecting a weird dream, and this one was bugging me enough to do some research.  Here's what I found out:

"Dreaming about school points to feelings of inadequacy and anxieties about your ability. If you are no longer in school, such dreams may point to unresolved childhood issues. The dream may also reflect a life lesson that you need to learn."

None of this seems like particularly good news -- especially since it was the TEACHER who was dreaming.  While I don't put a lot of stock in the folks at "Dream Moods," it certainly does provide fodder for discussion.  (Notice, there is no mention of chair arrangement on this website, causing my doubt to increase...)

As I mused about this today, I am now tempted to go purchase four blue, and one red, chairs.  As much as I enjoy continuity and coordination, the idea that I can let students sit down, only to assign the red-sitter or blue-sitters to do something "first" or "last", without seeking volunteers, seems like it might be a tremendous time-saver.  Somewhere around week two, I'll be making comments like "the person sitting six seats to the LEFT of the red chair will lead this discussion."

Maybe I'll roll dice.  Throwing darts is probably discouraged by the safety committee.

I have students who read this blog.  I bet they'll be dreaming about trying to out-psych this psyched-out teacher.  Meanwhile, I'm off to dream about twelve-sided dice and random pattern generators.

Because I only have ten days to figure this out. 

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