Wednesday, August 19, 2015

With a little guidance.

The last time I woke up, it was 3:30 am.  This never happens in the summer, unless my subconscious (or maybe my unconscious) self is trying to resolve an issue.  Final schedules have been mailed, and it's becoming real.  Gifted kids struggle, when it comes to scheduling.  (And I hate that I am trying to qualify and classify them in one group!)  We do our best, in February, to choose a challenging and exciting series of courses for the following school year.  


Opinions change, passions change, plans to challenge a course are abandoned or added,  topics for competitions like National History Day are announced, and the seemingly-perfect schedule seems anything but perfect.  And so the emails are sent to teachers, case managers, and guidance counselors, requesting something else.  Something PERFECT.

This time of year, guidance counselors are the unsung heroes of happiness for so many students.  Creating or modifying a schedule is something very similar to that manipulative game called RUSH HOUR, where one thing shifts to make room for something else, while still trying to fill an entire schedule for the given year.  They listen, they twist and turn their computers into some sort of magical origami way, and hand a schedule across their desks that are the very best that they can be.

I love that my students are so caring and attentive to their schedules and their success.  What I love even more is the team of guidance counselors -- in my school and in many other schools, that go above and beyond to make dream schedules a reality for so many gifted learners.

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