Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Proof, Positive.

On the front page of the paper today was a lovely article (said in jest..) about the plummeting scores on the PSSAs.   Frustrating, to say the least.  The same newspaper published  this editorial and realizes the system's flaws.  This is not an issue isolated to Pennsylvania -- it's happening all over the country.
 Soon, those who choose to attack teachers due to published articles illustrating lack of performance will be pointing fingers at teachers, accusing us of dropping the ball.  It's not for lack of trying, I tell you.  The target is moved without consideration for those playing the game.  

Having said that, consider the wonderful words of a fellow educator and blogger, Pernille Ripp, posted above.  Pernille's recent blog post, "We May Not Be Perfect," speaks the very frustration in the heart of every teacher heading back to school within the next few weeks.  Many feel like hamsters sitting in a wheel on a track in a stadium, running in a circle, that hasn't even hit the track, with literally thousands of onlookers wondering why we continue to stay in one place.

I know what I am doing -- and I don't really know if it will have a direct impact on student achievement.  (GASP!)  I am choosing to stay positive, celebrate successes, and try, my absolute darndest, not to get sucked into the Pit of Despair that has taken the careers of many in my profession.

I chose POSITIVE.  And so, apparently, does Pernille.  I love her suggestions!

"So before we focus on all of the negative, because we are all good at that, focus on all of the positive things that surround us.  Focus on the people that come to work every single day and give it their best.  Focus on the students who tell you their truth so we can make a change.  Focus on all of the people who are making a difference.  Scream those stories from the rooftops.  Share those stories on Facebook.  When people tell you that school is broken, speak up!  Because we are not all broken.  Not all students hate school.  Not all schools kill creativity  Some do, we are not perfect, but at least most of are trying to make a change.  So celebrate that."

Search for the positive, and share it, my friends.  Because happiness breeds happiness.  And that, ultimately, is what we want for ourselves, and our children.


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