Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Quiet One on the Porch.

It's weird.  I look forward to long breaks, like our Wednesday - Tuesday break at Thanksgiving, with great anticipation.  And when they arrive, I spend much of my time checking school email, gathering books to go back to school, and grading assignments that are submitted electronically, all in anticipation of returning to school feeling "almost caught up."  The other bizarre thing that happens is that after a day or so, I lose track of what day of the week it is, and double-check myself repeatedly, usually while driving.  

Yesterday I was totally convinced it was Saturday.  Today, it seems like Friday.

So I suppose that as long as I show up for work when I should, I'm still okay, right?


The Te@chthought Blog Challenge for today, November 29 

We all know someone who inspires us to be better. Share that person.

Regardless of what day it is, the person who inspires me to be better is, hand down, my husband.   Whether it be my personal life or my career, Bruce inspires me to find the balance in my life.    He's the quiet one, I'm the impulsive one.  He's the one that weighs carefully on decisions.  He's able to work from home, and actually stay focused instead of wandering from one project to another, barely completing anything on an original timeline, like I do.
Bruce has focus and purpose, oh, and a wicked sense of humor.  A little sparkle in his eyes makes me pay attention to just what he's trying to say - and if I miss the sparkle, I miss the joke.  This is especially true when Kristin is around, as the two of them share a humor gene that is beyond my understanding a LOT of the time.

My mother in law died two years ago, leaving Bruce as the only surviving member of his family.  He has spent the last two years focused on making sure that legacy stories are told for generations to come.  If you visit our house, you'll recognize the museum of antiques that has found its way into our lives -- and those that he has chosen tell the story of our families. has accelerated our ability to work on our genealogy -- which we started in 1983 on our honeymoon -- and has provided names for our Civil War and Revolutionary War ancestors, in addition to my father's service in the Korean War and Bruce's father's in WWII.  

Add to the purposeful antiquing, there are the letters.  

So beginning in January, I'm joining "Letters from Mom."  It certainly seems that my family deserves something more than this blog as my recollections and musings, right?

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