Saturday, November 1, 2014

Me, and My SHADOW!

Sixty-two days ago I accepted the challenge to blog for a month.  For someone who has more abandoned projects than finished ones, this is quite an accomplishment.  (It least I think so.)  The last two months have changed the way I view my job -- which I already loved.  

I can only imagine what the month of November will do for my perspective, given that the entire month of posts will be focused on gratefulness and thanks.   Why not join in and reflect in the best way possible?

The Te@chthought Challenge for today:

Nov 1 What are the best aspects of being a teacher?

Hands down, the most rewarding days are those when someone reaches back from the past and affirms that what you did touched their lives.  It isn't that I intentionally write plans or teach lessons intending to foster a lifetime relationship with my learners -- if I did, I'd be failing many days.  But the days when a voice from the past calls, it becomes a giant pat on the back for me, and the celebration of my role as "surrogate parent" in the education realm.  I waxed poetic on this phenomenon a few entries ago when I told you about Alex's day off .  I suspect that these sentiments would be echoed by Mr. Drescher, who has been in touch since teaching in my room, reflecting on the full circle/cycle we've come in our dance as student and teacher.

Last night, as the doorbell was ringing to alert the arrival of superheroes, firefighters, and Elsas, I received an email from the former student who certainly embodies the Halloween season in my memory.  A short list of projects completed in high school by this student included:
  • A performance for National History Day on the Salem Witch Trials
  • A paper for NHD on medical experimentation (Think Joseph Mengle)
  • A project about the guillotine
  • A model of a rack, complete with soon-to-be-dismembered-Barbie
I think you get the idea.  As a junior high student, her goal was to become a trained assassin.  With beautiful blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes, she'd never be caught.  Her wit is nearly unmatched, and her dedication and precision to her education is in a league of its own.

So you can understand why, when I opened the email between trips to the door and read this sentence, I celebrated with an audible WHOOP!:

"I was wondering if it would be possible to shadow you for forty hours in December?"

 Given that I was simultaneously writing yesterday's blog entry on Tricks or Treats and I know Chloe's propensity for the macabre, I had to inquire as to her sincerity.  

No, she assured me, her goals from her professor were to do a variety of tasks for credit including grading papers, observing their classroom, engaging in discussion about educational philosophy, or practice teaching a lesson.

The thought of beginning November in an attitude of gratitude, knowing that this young woman is coming to discuss education and hang in my classroom with me for an HOUR, let alone FORTY,  is nearly unbelievable.  Couple that with the annual Gifted Thanksgiving Breakfast  (stay tuned for Thanksgiving week for THAT story!)  at the end of the month, I know this will be a very connected and reflective and thankful month for me indeed.


  1. YOu never know how you touch those students and their cool!

  2. What a fun experience that will be for both of you! Enjoy!

  3. It's amazing when we find out the impact we have. Two of my previous students have just graduated as teachers this year and it's been so lovely to help continue to support them in their learning. (I taught them about 10 years ago!). Loved reading this Susan.