Friday, November 28, 2014

Don't Miss the Opportunity... Unless you do.

 Musings from the Day After the Turkey Coma:
We had a lovely meal, a competitive round of Thanksgiving Family Jeopardy, and wonderful conversation with family yesterday at my sister's, followed by the holiday traffic from hell ride home, which included a car on fire on the Schuylkill Expressway providing quite the backup.  Three hours later, we arrived home.  First on the agenda after unpacking the car?

Of course, wee hour of the morning shopping with Kristin.

We delayed this annual tradition for many years.  Quite frankly, there is little that I need to stay up past Hogan's Heroes for anything, but bonding time with my daughter is worth the lost sleep! It was probably about six years ago when she said she'd like to experience the craziness of the post-turkey shopping experience, so we went that first year.  And every year since.

Some years we'd get up early, shop and then have breakfast before dragging all the bags home.  But since the stores open before Friday now, we resist shopping with bedheads, and go around 11, crawling into bed around 3.  

Do I have any great tales to tell?  Nope, no 50 inch TV, no free Keurig.  Better than that.  Memories, instead.


Te@chthought's Blog Challenge for today - 

November 28 Talk about one opportunity that you are grateful in hindsight for having passed you by.

It was 1988, and we'd been married for five years.  Scott was almost three, and I'd just been offered a promotion to supervisor at the insurance company where I'd served as a claims adjuster for the last four years.  Bruce was offered what we considered to be "his dream job" working for a history publication in Harrisburg.  So much more relevant than the "job" I was doing, which was, in no way, a career goal.  I had been substitute teaching, eventually settling for the entry-level office position  to help pad the bank account and buy our first house.  The insurance job had helped with that endeavor, and could have easily become the trajectory for a lifetime "career", that didn't in any way match my passion.

Bruce's career move turned into the perfect opportunity for all of us.  We sold our house for double what we had paid for it, bought a house in Lancaster County, and I was able to be a stay at home mommy for the next eleven years.  Three kids, two bunnies, 4 hamsters, and countless fish later, I finally got to do what I truly wanted to do.


The rest is history.

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