Wednesday, November 26, 2014

THANKS-giving Pleasures

Current students (and Alex, who braved the "kids'" table)
 I slid into the seat of the new van at precisely 8:40, lamenting over my wet feet and the fact that the 
dealer has not yet called to say that the floor mats he ordered were in.  It was pouring rain.  By the time we got to Gus's  (yes, that's the name of the place!) the rain had turned to giant wet snowflakes.

Despite the weather, 47 present and former students (and two teachers) were dining.

 I wish I  could remember when we started this annual tradition, but I'm glad it was started, even if my memory fails me.  The longest-graduated student left the hallowed halls at Donegal in 2006.  The farthest traveled was a toss up between Erica (home from Japan) or Ryan from Seattle.  To be fair, Ryan was just in for the holiday weekend, while Erica's been home for a while.  Regardless, both had a lot to share about life outside Lancaster County.
Henry, Lucy, Alex, Chloe, and Alex's wife, Brynn.

The Te@chthought Blog Challenge for today, November 26 is an easy one for me. 

Write about any 3 small pleasures in your life/day.

Representatives from 2012...
 The difficult part of answering this question is the adjective - small.    Because for me, people are the pleasures in my life -- but my relationships with those people are, to me, anything but small.  My three today, in no particular order are:

1.  Students - who keep me thinking, challenge me to be a better teacher every day, and inspire me beyond measure.  When I see former students, I want to tell them how much I've grown as a teacher since they were in my class. (Truthfully, I'd like to apologize for how much more secure in the classroom I am now than when they were my learners.)
2.  Family - My daughter is home, and
my sons are close by.  They are happy and healthy, and give me great pride.   They both have lovely young women in their lives who make them shine.   And Carter - well -- of COURSE anybody who calls me Beanie is a tremendous pleasure, no matter how small he is!
 None of my kids understand my knew fascination for antiquing with my husband.  And that's okay.  (Truthfully, I don't understand all their fascinations either...)  We'll be celebrating Thanksgiving with the "extended family this week, and catching up with cousins and grandparents and sisters and brothers in law.  After all, the holidays are all about family, right?

3.  Friends - From the "newest" friends in my life at UCONN and A Lunch, to people who have been friends for decades, I am ever so grateful for each and every one of them.  This year was an especially difficult one for me as I had to say goodbye to two friends way to early within ten days of each other.  Thanks to social media, connectedness, and the ability to realize what is truly important, some old friendships have been refreshed, and some new friendships grew out of our common grief and disbelief at the fragility of life.
Sophomores who braved the invitation!

Happy Thanksgiving!




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