Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring Fever

It's days like today that being assigned to more than one building shows its distinct advantage.  Imagine being forced to pack up everything necessary for your afternoon, and transition to another building immediately after lunch?   I started the day scraping frost of my windshield, so I was quite surprised when  the car thermometer read 82 degrees (which was probably due to the sunny parking lot, but the radio dude said it was 74, so it was still WARM!) with a light breeze.  Even though I was driving less than a mile, I opened the sunroof and all the windows.

Yes, I entered the junior high looking like I just got off the Tilt a Whirl, but I had a renewed sense of purpose for the afternoon.

April, aka  The Seventh Inning Stretch

Attendance was lighter than usual today, as it was one of the two snow makeup days for the two days off in March.  Families had already planned long weekends out of town, so many were absent.  The day became a catch up day, with the posting on the whiteboard of the "list of shame" for outstanding assignments, along with the distribution of detention passes for the true offenders.

Easter has come and gone, and there's a spring in the step (and mental attitude) of both students and teachers, as we assess where we are, and how far we need to travel before final exam week.


Teachers, admittedly, seem a bit more concerned at this point.  We know the drill.  We anticipate things that students don't.  We've already penciled in dozens of testing dates for state testing, AP testing, and class field trips that will take students out of our classes at an alarming rate.  We're trying to schedule "final projects" that will require entire groups of students to be present simultaneously, as both presenters or audiences.

We're stretching.  With an eye on the clock, the calendar, and the ever-changing schedule.  We know we'll get there, and we're trying to do that with as much grace as possible!

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