Friday, April 24, 2015

CheezIts and Carwash Cows.

It is rare for me to be wishing for the bell on  Friday afternoon.  Today was a rare day.  This week has been exhausting, and trying to identify the specific why involves a list of ridiculousness that would only delay my return to vim and vigor if I were to begin to attempt to list the compounding reasons.

It's okay.  It happens to all of us.  It's tough, however, when such emotions hit a collective group of friends or coworkers.  I left soon after the bell, and ran errands, looking forward to coming home to working internet, and a Comcast-conversation-free evening.

Bruce greeted me at the door with the phone in his hand.  You guessed it - NO DIAL TONE.

In only 95 minutes, we were able to navigate the intricacies of Comcast's service.  My new guilty pleasure when they ask if I'd like to take a short customer service survey at the end of my interaction is to give them their own phone number to call.  I hope they have the same quality service experience that I do every time I call.

I admit, my choices for dealing with absurdities are varied.  Today, it's simply choosing to be amused by anything more absurd than my present situation.  Given that you've read this rambling this far, I thought I'd share two:

 Why, yes, that is a large Turkey Hill cow in a car wash.  Mooooove it along.

And this doozy that appeared in my twitter feed.  I only wish that I could identify the origin.  I suspect I will forever wonder what happened on November 14th.

(And wonder about the fate of Cheesenips and Goldfish crackers in the cafeteria...)

Monday is coming, and I'll face it head on.  Meanwhile, I'll  realize that weird stuff happens everywhere, and that understanding is not a skill every day -- or every week.

Happy Weekend!

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