Thursday, September 3, 2015

Room for One More.

An unanticipated advantage to the Inner Circle of Green Chairs revealed itself today when we held the interest meeting for Key Club members in my room during Tribe Time.  Despite the fact that there was also a senior class meeting commanding the attention of 25% of the school, FORTY NINE kind-hearted kids filled every seat, and then some.   

 I dare anyone to spend 20 minutes at a Key Club meeting in any high school, and come away feeling anything but hope for the future.  Ideas were tossed about, some students are launching projects of personal passion, and still others are on board to help rebuild the local playground, destroyed by arson three years ago.  (Local folks, you can volunteer to build Kids Joy Land, September 22- 27, by clicking here.)

So what motivates kids these days?  It could have been the quality door prizes we offered -- a green spatula, a small garden gnome, a triple sealed smoothie mug, or an unopened copy of Ferris Bueller's Day Off.  But I seriously doubt that.  No.....  these kids were stoked to get started on a year of service.

1.  Collecting soda tabs for Ronald McDonald House
2.  Highway clean up
3.  Raising awareness about Prenatal Tentus
4.  Hosting a Coffee House for student entertainment.
5.  Collecting supplies for Caitlyn Smiles for siblings of ill children to play with while waiting at Ronald McDonald House for treatment of family members.
6.  Building the Kids Joy Land playground.
7.  UNICEF collection
8. Homeless ditty bag kits.

The list went on and on.  I've never seen such a great group of brainstormers.

Oh, and we meet on ODD Fridays.  (That's cycle day number talk, for you amateurs who use a calendar to keep track of your schedules.)  I expect that there will be grand things to report on September 11th, when next we meet.  

Including the winners of those fabulous door prizes.

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