Saturday, September 5, 2015

Making Connections.

It's the last hurrah travel weekend of the summer.  One relative is in Denmark and a friend is in California meeting her grandson for the very first time, both having successfully caught planes, trains and automobiles to complete their journeys.  I've connected with my husband, in our usual jaunt through two local antique shops, sharing stories, and catching up on the week's events.  I've played Trivia Crack with my daughter, chatted with my daughter-in-law-to-be about wedding invitations and my mother about the purchase of a new chair,  drawn monsters with my grandson, and supported the local farm stand with the purchase of yet another basket of Roma tomatoes, while dropping off empty egg cartons for their entrepreneurial adventure.  This weekend is about connections, in every sense of the word.

Tomorrow, I will connect with my lesson plans for next week, and finally order my shiny new passes from Vistaprint.  The year is falling into place nicely, and the honeymoon period with my learners is still going strong.  On Tuesday night, I'll once again try my hand at hosting a Twitter chat with teachers.  The topic this week is "Teaching Tolerance."  (If you're a teacher, join us, 7 pm EDT on Twitter -- #reflectiveteacher).

I know I'll reach the point where I'll need that tolerance advice.  I may even need to speak to myself about it.  But in the meantime, I'll connect with everyone, and thing I can, making sense out of nonsense, spaghetti sauce out of tomatoes, and lesson plans out of ideas.  The world thrives on connections.  

And so do I.

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