Tuesday, November 8, 2016

They Couldn't Vote, but it Didn't Matter.


I voted.  The line wasn't bad, and I got a sticker, which appears to be a small victory given that many on social media are indicating that they were not as fortunate.  I really didn't realize that the sticker was all that big a deal, yet I suspect it will be a topic of conversation in my classroom tomorrow.  For despite the fact that today was the weekly meeting of the Debate Club, I believe there will be an impromptu meeting tomorrow for some Monday (or Wednesday) morning Quarterbacking after the results are finally announced.

While many adults may think that "these kids today don't care," I am here to tell you that they do.  I've heard more responsible arguments and analysis of this election from 14 - 18 year olds than I have from either candidate.  The kids in my room are bright and articulate, but more importantly, they show respect for the opinions of others, and truly care about the issues.  Their language use in no way reflects society today, nor do I need to have a 30 second delay and a bleep buzzer handy.  I know when the Debaters are in my room that the discussion will be lively, comprehensive, and informative.  The group is entirely student-led and driven.  (I view the idea of discussing my political beliefs with students the same way the state views the idea of my discussing my religious beliefs with them.)

I get to be the proverbial fly on the wall, knowing that no matter who wins this evening, I am happy in the assurance that these young people care about their country and their future.  And I have no doubt that their voices will be heard, even if most of them didn't even have the power of the vote this year.

Is there happiness on this election day?  You bet.   I can think of two excellent reasons:  #2, there will be no political commercials tomorrow, or for many days to come, and #1 -- the NUMBER ONE reason that I am happy, is the phenomenal promise I see in the political future that today called itself the Donegal Debate Club.

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