Friday, November 4, 2016

Not the Fajita Inhibitor.

After a long week at work, I opted to go super-easy and make chicken fajitas.  A lack of cheddar necessitated a string of text messages with Kristin this evening....

Are you home for dinner?

At 6

Is there a place on the way that sells cheddar cheese?  Ours is gone??  Did you move it somewhere I can't find?

Yes I live to sabotage the cheese in our house
Shredded or regular?

You are a sick and twisted fajita-inhibitor.

I headed off to the store for some shredded cheddar, and by the time dinner was ready, Ben and Bailey had joined us for an impromptu dinner.  What did we do before cellphone technology?  My husband will disagree, as he is just fine leaving his at home, or turned off, yet I use mine constantly.  And mostly for things other than communication.   My phone is a constant camera, a tool for Skype or Messenger (yes, I realize that is communicating....,, but yesterday I used it to call Chloe in England to help Bella with her NHD research...).  It's a calendar, it's a great extra whiteboard.  If a class is brilliant in its use of a whiteboard, I take a picture, and project that picture during the next class to remind them of where they were in the past.  

The happiest thing about cellphones for the next four days is that neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton have called me on mine.  The same can not be said for my house phone.  I am happy to have a cellphone, and even happier to have caller id on the house phone.  

Most of all, I am happy that I have a family that will come together for a quick fajita dinner, and a lot of laughs.

Happy Weekend!

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