Saturday, May 16, 2015


I love rain.  More than rain, I love thunderstorms, especially if I am inside and able to breathe the rainy-cool air as the storm rolls in.  While many may view rain as a nuisance, soaking clothing, ruining hairdos, and necessitating the need for carrying an umbrella -- which is, most assuredly, in the exact OPPOSITE place that you need it to be--I celebrate the big giant droplets that seem to fall first like acorns from oak trees, until they suddenly join together in a rhythm that offers a reason to wait.  The steam rises off of the pavement, the leaves glisten with raindrops, and I zone into a trance of celebration for the power of the storm and the rumbling overhead.  It is in these moments that I become circumspect and reflective.


Today was a wonderful day.  Bruce and I had tickets to the TEDxLancaster event, which has given me much to reflect upon during the aforementioned rain.  The speakers varied in both message and ability, one utilizing liquid hydrogen to create her own levitation demonstration, another attempting to make dancers of the entire audience.  The cool thing about a TED event is that if the speaker is awful, or you disagree with the message, it will be over in less than 15 minutes.  Each and every message offered an idea of hope for a better world.

We need more rain.  More time to sit back and listen to the drops and think.  There's probably a metaphor for the proverbial "fill my bucket" with ideas, or Bucket Lists that need to be written, in a day like today.  So for now, I'll think about a wonderful day, holding hands with my husband, and listening to big ideas of people who cared enough to share their passions with Lancaster.  Within a few weeks, they'll be immortalized on the TED site, and maybe, just maybe, one or two of them will change the world.

One idea at a time.


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