Friday, May 29, 2015

Blown Away.

The flurry of the end of classes was certainly evident today.  The monthly fire drill, which hadn't happened during May, still caught me by surprise when the ear-piercing alarms went off second period.  The project presentations began in the second Themes in Lit. class, first with seniors, and then with others willing to be brave enough to present earlier than their assigned date.

I had scoured the room looking for one senior, Alex, who was MIA.  Eventually appeared, with the largest hug imaginable, for me.  Okay, three hugs, as the entire class celebrated his acceptance to Franklin and Marshall, along with a GIANT financial package, allowing him to realize big dreams for many, many years.  (And yes, this is the same Alex who I thought would be making designer watches as his career back in October...)  He will be a biology major.  Oh, and when I say GIANT financial package, his scholarship for four years in college exceeds the value of my house and both cars that we own.

But the winds of amazement didn't stop there.  

Sophomore, Taylor, presented her project.  A video so profound and full of insight and encouragement that I had to watch it twice in class -- primarily so I could recover from the giant lump in my throat keeping me from speaking.

I share it here, with Taylor's permission, and hope it gives you a chance to pause and reflect upon your own life, and to dream about the lives of kids in schools everywhere.  

I'm telling you now, the future of the world is in very good hands.

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