Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow Day

How much snow?  If this snow were human hair, Locks of Love would be well-supplied.  Our driveway has somewhere between eight and ten inches, and the snow is still flying.  We did some shoveling, and then were blessed by our snow-blowing neighbors.  No sign of a plow yet, which causes me to wonder about the likelihood of another day off tomorrow.

Snow Day #1

Last week there was an angry rant by Gene Marks in Philly Magazine entitled "Why Do Teachers Get Snow Days?"  Facebook lit up immediately with angry rebuttals by teachers, suggesting that his interpretation of reality was anything but real.  I went to his Twitter feed to send him a message, and decided that he was probably already in consultation with the witness protection program, given the list of comments previously left.  When googling to find the original article by Marks, I came across this response by a teacher, that seemed pretty reasonable.

For me, today was a day to catch up.  I've collaborated with teachers, I've rewritten lesson plans.  I've proofread text boxes and bibliographies and process papers, and talked to a principal about how to get into a school building to retrieve a National History Day project for Saturday's competition.  I've spoken with students, printed things on special paper for another NHD project, and consulted by phone with students and parents.  

I shoveled some snow, criticized the miss-use of Principal/Principle on the TODAY show, and breathed and regrouped, mostly through the use of my laptop and phone, while wearing sweatpants and slippers. I also wondered, out loud, about the intentions of the guy across the street who attempted to snow-blow a path up the center of his front lawn.  He abandoned the task about 10 feet after starting.  I can only assume he was heading to the bird feeder.

It's nice, in my opinion, to have one big snow every year, to watch the snow fall, sip tea, and catch up.  

Two days, consecutively -- especially in March, immediately prior to a competition on Saturday -- is more stressful than one can imagine.  So if you are of a praying mind, let's focus on lowering the speed of the winds and raising the temperatures.

After all, we're "springing forward" on Saturday night, whether winter knows it or not.

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