Sunday, March 22, 2015

Play date.

When was the last time you played?  I mean, did something with reckless abandon, with no specific reason for doing so except the joy of doing the activity?  Has it been so long that you really don't remember?

Yes, me too.

 I've spoken here before about wanting to zentangle, and overcome the paralyzing fear of "ruining" a book that calls for doodles.  I'm pushed trains around a track with my grandson, but tend to spend time with my education-analysis-brain functioning on his amazing responses, instead of FUN-ctioning on fun.

 Play Date.

When we visited the LEGO exhibit at the Franklin Institute a few weeks ago, I was impressed that the artist started out as an attorney, and recognized the need for creativity and imagination in his life.  He started building and creating using LEGOs, and somewhere along the way that became his career.  I can only imagine the thoughts that went through his parents' heads as they visited their bar-passing-attorney son's apartment, presumably stacked with Container Store organizational systems separating the specialty pieces from the 4x4 or 2 x 3 bricks.  (And then I considered the cost of a SINGLE TICKET to view the exhibit, and figured he had the last laugh!)

The point is, adults spend so much time trying to be responsible adults that they forget their inner child.  In a recent Edutopia article, Reem Rahman Kareem makes her case for some significant social impact through adult play.  As I read her three steps of suggestions, it seemed to me that much of her intent is to return individuals to a sense of authentic self, while taking a mini-vacation from the responsibilities of being an adult.

Oh, and if the adult happens to be a teacher, (or, presumably, a parent or grandparent who plays with kids), there is evidence that the return to adulthood and the teacher role will be significantly enhanced after having visited Neverland.

So this week, schedule a play date with yourself.  Try Reem's suggestions, and see what you discover about yourself.  

And maybe share it with a young one in your life.

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