Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Me Makeover?

I've been to New York City more than a few times, but have never timed my visit with a visit to the Window on the World at the TODAY show.  Read that to mean, I would live in fear of a Stetson-wearing hairstylist shaving half of my head and adding purple highlights, all in the name of bringing me into the 21st Century.

The Te@chthought Blog Challenge question for today, January 7th speaks to the "New Year, New You" phenomenon so prevalent this time of year:

How am I going to update myself professionally?

I've spoken before at my resolution to keep more organized.  Today was my first day back after two weeks, and my desk looked, at 4:38 when I left to go to meetings #6 and #7 this evening, much like it looked every day since late August.  Let's face it, updating my makeup, the organization of my desk, or adding a "teacher voice" to my repertoire just doesn't seem to be in the cards for me.

Having finished with my confession time, I can honestly say that today was the most productive day of my school year.  I worked smarter, instead of harder.  I'm still overwhelmed, and I think I thrive a bit on that added pressure.  Heck, I've written some of my best papers in the 11th hour, and I know that I'm not the only educator who has written detailed lesson plans a week in advance, or more, only to be struck with the PERFECT motivational lesson in the shower 2 hours before the class, scrapping plans in favor of inspiration.

The robots (Dash and Dot) arrived, and were unboxed.  After doing the unboxing, I pretty much admired their pretty colors, grabbed my ipad, and boxed them back up to take to school today.  As soon as the bell rang, I rang for Zach.  Zach has been obsessed with robotics and programming for years.  He worked through his study hall first period, and came back to give me a crash course over lunch.  I now feel confident enough to introduce Dash and Dot to 1st graders tomorrow.  (As long as their voices aren't too creepy for five year olds!)

I was reminded, today, that sometimes the most productive days seem like the most unproductive.  Whether it be a series of seemingly chaotic meetings happening simultaneously with five separate groups of NHD students working on major research projects, to robots, rotting apples in bell jars, and final papers being resubmitted for the second time to recover missed points, I resolve that my makeover will be to celebrate the little things, instead of staring at the wake of debris on my desk that rivals the back lot of TWISTER.  (Yes, my head is back in the subarctic temperatures, but parts of my mind are still dwelling in the heat of Orlando -- even if it is on the cheesiest attraction at Islands of Adventure.)

I'm still a teacher, and I'm still a learner.  Zach taught me a lot today, and made me a better teacher in the process. Tomorrow I'll seek a new adventure, from other students, continue the renovation makeover.

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  1. Love it! I'm the same. I plan, but get a better idea and go with it. Wish we had more time for the exploration part of learning in the classroom with kids in our midst!