Sunday, January 4, 2015

Fist Bumping the Captain.

Even Batman carries his own luggage
  I watched my grandson wait in line to see his current favorite superhero, Captain America, yesterday.  He was nearly jumping out of his skin with excitement, and when he was about ten people from the front of the line, his mom pulled out his full Captain America costume.  The jumping, twirling, and assorted exuberant gestures escalated as he moved closer to the front of the line.

Suddenly, he was next.  The second he was greeted, he became quiet and shy, staring in awe at Captain America.  (Who was, in my opinion, the BEST Captain America ever.  Great costume, and got down on the level of the kids to talk to them, making everyone feel special.)  Captain America did most of the talking, and Carter did a LOT of nodding.  When it came time for the picture, he got totally stoked, made his anti-bad-guy face, along with the Captain, and struck the pose, complete with pretend shield.

(If you know me and SEE me, I can show you the awesome picture on my phone, but I'm not posting it here on the internet...)

The Te@chthought Challenge for today:

What is one area of my learning and teaching I want to develop this year?

It occurred to me this morning that I am much like Carter meeting Captain America when it comes to the use of technology.  I get myself giddy with excitement, (although I rarely have a special outfit), as I anticipate the arrival or use of the new gadget or gizmo.  As I think about this blog, I navigate through the pages to do what I do every day, without considering or exploring options that would probably make my page more navigatable, or make it easier for me to search and find something I've written during the last 100 + days, but I haven't taken the time to figure out or learn the options available to me. 

When new technology arrives, I try to convince myself it is better, stronger, faster, and I am in charge of it.  The reality is that I treat new technology like IT has some control over me instead.  

 Several weeks ago I mentioned the impending arrival of my robots.  (Originally called Bo and Yana, but now named Dot and Dash by the manufacturer.)  The box arrived at my house on the 16th of December, and I  didn't even open them until January 1st.  They're cute, they have great potential to teach coding, and I'm completely overwhelmed.  I exhibited a similar blank stare when our IT department handed out new Yoga Thinkpads before Thanksgiving.  I loved my Sony Vaio, and had no desire to give it up.  

I forced myself to go cold turkey, and am slowly adapting, although nothing is more embarrassing than being connected to a projector and lose your ability to navigate through Windows 8 in front of a bunch of students.

So this year I'd like to really focus on overcoming my fear of exploring possibilities with technology.  I want to be intentional about scheduling time to explore new options, and integrate them into my teaching.

And maybe fist-bump Captain America while making eye contact, just once.

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  1. Shame we can't see the Captain America photo, as he is very cool!! LOL
    I'm a Loki fan myself.
    ICT is very cool, int it!!