Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Project Based Learning and ENGAGEMENT!!!

My son, Ben, has been involved in the biggest project of his life.  More than a month ago, he began the preparations for tonight, and navigated details that few would even consider -- especially, (cough cough) if you are a guy and don't pay close attention to those girly details.   He'd stalked her Pintrest board, he'd paid attention to the little things, right down to the lilies she loves so much, and he identified his own talent/passion for video as the means for the project.  (Is this sounding educational enough for you all?)

 Tonight, in a movie theater full of friends and family, his movie preview premiered, and ended with flowers, hugs, applause, and a sparkly-eyed Bailey agreeing to join our crazy family.

Project Based Learning and Engagement!!!

Since this is day ONE HUNDRED straight of blogging for me, and I'm a little preoccupied with the events of this evening, please indulge as I both outline the evening and attempt to demonstrate the virtues of Project Based Learning by evaluating the process:

1.  Ben made a decision, and a commitment.
2.  Ben set a timeline.
3.  Ben identified resources and gathered necessary materials.  (With the help of the folks at Koser Jewelers)
4.  Ben evaluated his personal skills, and chose a presentation method that played to his strengths and interests.
5.  Ben thought intrapersonally and considered the wishes of friends, family, and Bailey as he designed the experience.
6.  Ben involved others on many levels.
7.  Ben faced the difficult tasks of talking to administrators. (Err, parents.  Father, Stepfather, and Mother  along with a brother, to boot!)
8.  Ben negotiated with community businesses (Thank you, MoviEtown) to make the presentation/proposal really BIG (screened).
9.  Ben wove together the biggest back story.  (Did you know you could WIN a free movie-showing for a bunch of friends on a Tuesday afternoon?  Well you do now!)
10.  Ben successfully assembled close friends and family who could attend, at the appointed hour.
11.  Ben succeeded in becoming ENGAGED in his project, and....


Bailey's family is darling, and the grandmothers bonded -- at a preview for an R rated movie, no less.  

In a previous blogpost, I told the story  of how my mother chooses to rearrange the photos of her grandchildren on the shelf to celebrate recent accomplishments.  I'm fairly certain Ben is center-shelf this evening.  She might even prop the iphone up to display a picture of the happy couple together!


  1. Congratulations!! OMGosh such wonderful new Susan...so happy for your entire family...God Bless!!!