Thursday, December 25, 2014

Always Teaching - even on Christmas?

I have to confess, it's Christmas, and even I was annoyed by the number of times I uttered the words "primary sources" in relation to gifts given today.  As I've mentioned before, our kids don't understand the most recent antiquing obsession embarked upon almost weekly.  Yesterday I had a crash course in the scarcity of 250 year old whistles as compared to the rarity of a blood-letting knife.  (Because, really, which one of those two gifts says "I love you" the most to your husband of 31 years?  Well, the answer is the whistle.  Put your lips together...)  Bruce found two fantastic additions to my anti-Hitler propaganda:  a skunk doorstop and a "save pennies to defeat Hitler" piggy bank.  (For those that don't know me, I was actually born on Hitler's birthday, April 20th, so there's a certain fascination....)  

I was able to locate a copy of the original A Christmas Carol manuscript for Kristin, and one other special Dickens fan in my life.

Always Teaching?

I can't shut it off!  Everyone arrived, opened gifts, ate more than their fill, and departed by 3, when I anticipated leaving to stay with the newly-sprung patient -- aka my mother.  As it turned out, they've decided to keep her one more night to make sure that all is well with various tests, so I now have time to settle and regroup.  We all rested briefly, did some picking up and organizing, and have the trash and recycling ready for the dudes in the morning. 

I've checked my email, graded 5 papers, and scolded myself for doing so on Christmas.  I promise that next on my list is learning to Zentangle.

As soon as I enter those grades!

Merry Christmas to all!

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