Friday, October 17, 2014

The Spirit of Green and White

Sooo, 434 people (to date) viewed yesterday's blogpost -- an all-time high.  Michael Jan must have many friends out there in cyberland, even if he claims not to be there himself.  

Today was no different than any other day at Donegal, unless you count the Green and White, the feathers, and the horse playing the baritone in the pep band.

The senior class celebrates the awarding of the coveted "Spirit Stick."
A female Indian this year...
Today was Green and White Day, as our principal officially declares as "the best day of the year."  As I left the building, the assistant principal was pushing a five foot wide mop down the hallway, apologizing to the maintenance staff, as he gathered enough green and white feathers for flocks of birds.

As expected/predicted, the seniors won the coveted "Spirit Stick."  The homecoming court did their usual presentations, the cheerleaders cheered and flipped, oh, and a horse played the baritone.  All in all, a typical afternoon the day of the big homecoming game.  The annual pep rally tradition encompasses the best of what small town America has to offer.  Parents get out of work a bit early, cameras record this annual right of passage, and, as I suggested yesterday, the SENIORS won the spirit stick.  Pictured above, the senior section did what senior sections have done for decades at Donegal;  they tried to rule the volume and level of enthusiasm to earn the stick. 

This year's freshmen answered back with their own chant of "I don't think so!"

Well.  Imagine that?  Freshmen, lowly freshmen, speaking out, and defending themselves against the mighty seniors! They may have actually won on the decibel meter, but no one was actually checking.  It was a truly impressive attempt, I must say, even if their voices and foot stomps were drowned out by the tradition that reigns supreme. 

After all, it's THEIR senior year.  They have to win.  They don't get another chance.  To quote my friend, Leann, this is their LAST senior pep rally.  Every senior year is a series of lasts.  Tomorrow will be the last homecoming dance, soon to be followed by the last band championships, the last holiday concert, the last senior sports banquet, and so on and so on.

But today they are seniors, holding the Spirit Stick.  Shout a little louder.  They couldn't be prouder.

And those freshmen?  Oh, yes.  They'll be raising the stick in victory in October, 2018. 


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